Thursday, February 27, 2020

Finance and accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Finance and accounting - Essay Example These will be the history, revenues and the major operations of the particular business. One of the globe’s biggest confectionery business is called Cadbury and besides its being one of the world’s largest it occupies the first or the second position in about 20 of the global 50 largest confectionery markets. It also holds position one as the most vastly spread as well as largest upcoming markets business as far as confectionery companies are concerned. It is home to approximately 45,000 employees as well as having direct business operations in around 60 nations. Cadbury Company was founded in 1824, courtesy of John Cadbury. He began by selling cocoa and tea in the United Kingdom. The operations of the company revolve around gum, chocolate and candy today. Some of the brands going across the globe, local and regional areas as favourites are with the inclusion of Flake, Dairy milk, Green & Black in chocolate, Crease Egg, Dentyne and Trident among others. As per 2009’s half annual results, the revenue of the business base improved by 4%. The 4% growth was as a result of a sturdy growth in the sales of chocolate while the trends showed improving candy and gum business. These half year results of revenue from confectionery business were shared as follows: On the other hand, there is the Standard Chartered Bank which was established in the year 1869 following a merger of Standard Bank and Chartered Bank. Thus, Standard Bank was founded in 1863 in British South Africa while the Chartered in 1853 in India, China and Australia. The aim of the two companies was to maximise upon expanding largely on trade and to gain worthwhile profits through financing the goods movement across Asia, Africa and Europe. This bank has a branch network translating to about 1,600 branches as well as outlets and around 5,500 Automated Teller Machines in well above 70

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